Born : in 1990 Bangkok, Thailand


2014    B.F.A. Faculty of Painting, Sculpture and Graphic Arts,

              Silpakorn University

Master NETTIP THONGSRI (Master Kwang) Tattoo artist and sculptor carved marble. Education level is the Faculty of Painting, Sculpture and Graphic Arts, the nation's number 1 art university. The person who understands the beauty of women the most "Balanced beauty identity of women" Likewise,

Master Nettip Master Nettip is an artist who has turned into the beauty business and is constantly innovating "eyebrow, lip and eye tattoo". She has created many masterpieces throughout Thailand and has always had a broad vision in the beauty business and has elevated beauty to the international level. Thus, Qvision Academy was She was also a pioneer and invented his works with quality and morality. established in 2015 with the main objective of enhancing the beauty of women, having a more beautiful face, and enhancing their personality.

Master Nettip Master Nettip, an expert in eyebrow tattoo industry who has changed the lives of people and many followers. In just a short period of time, she has created many disciples who have become successful in eyebrow tattooing throughout Thailand She has a nickname in the Thai eyebrow tattoo industry that "Wonder Woman"


A leader in eyebrows tattooing who is developing a modern teaching and learning system, easy to understand and develop tattoo works to be more realistic. We will change and raise the Thai eyebrow tattoo industry to meet international standards and skills until the world level


She is a unique eyebrow instructor and designer. She has a great teaching style with over 500 students all over Thailand It is reputed to be a world-class champion and an Asian champion wherever there is a competition until everyone becomes a student. With the outstanding results of eyebrow tattooing, unique lines, and special techniques that have been invented by itself, Master Kwang is famous in Thailand and is expanding to foreign countries until it is known all over the world.

Exemplary and well-qualified person.

Master Nettip is an exemplary and well-qualified person. She has always been honored to be a guest speaker to pass on beauty knowledge throughout the country and abroad such as the Philippines, Indonesia, Myanmar, America, and China.

World-class performance

• The Permanent Make-up works are the most outstanding and never stop developing. Finally, a world-class Master has recognized its Thai style. It is also well known at the forefront of tattoo artists in Thailand and the world. Master Nettip has over 4 years of experience in aesthetic tattooing and unique teaching techniques. She has been able to exponentially grow in the beauty business and can adjust her weaknesses to enhance her eyebrow tattooing job to look even more complete and balanced, and to balance her face according to the angle of 5 parts: ears, eyes, nose, mouth, eyebrows. Master Nettip's brow creations are unique, choosing to emphasize beauty, balance, or physiognomy on the face to empower a positive life force based on individual beliefs.

▪️ The Winner, Eyebrows, Jeju International Contest of Permanent Makeup, Korea

▪️ Platinum 3D Eyebrows Semi Permanent Professional Asian Makeup Award,International Eyebrows Makeup Contest 2017, Thailand

▪️ Nettip Thongsri, was invited to be one of our esteemed, International judges, Global Creative Professional Committee of Permanent Makeup, Thailand association of beauty

▪️ 2st Prize, (Eyebrow,Eyeline,Lip) Mastor Thailand, Bangkok

▪️The Silve Medel of All-around Competition Winner of 2nd Worldwide PMU Festival, Excellence Award, Guangzhou China

▪️1st Prize, K-Beauty Olympic in Thailand

▪️Technical Gold Award, The Global Cerative International PMU Championship in Thailand

▪️Master Speaker Microblading Thai style and Lip Advance, Sino Thai International Decoration Technical Exchang, Guabgzhou, China

▪️Master Class Microblading Advance in Yangon, Myanmar

▪️Expert jury, Eyebrows Professional award 2018, Bangkok

▪️Expert jury, BBAB , Semi – Permanant Makeup Competition 2018, Bangkok

▪️Master Speaker Show Eyebrows Microblading and Shading , Myanmar 1st International Beuaty Summit & Competition, Novotel, Yangon, Myanmar

▪️Master Speaker & Honorable Judges, Microblading and Shading: Secret Techniques to Win a Competition, 1st The World PMU Master Class Congess & Competition, Manila, Philippines

▪️Master Speaker, Microshade, The Best PMU World Conference, Bangkok, Thailand

▪️Master Speaker Show 3 tone Shading Dotspot, The3rd Cosmobeaute World PMU Master Classes Congress, JCC Jakarta, Indonesia

▪️VIP Judges, Thailand Championship Beauty Contest 2019

▪️Master Speaker Video Conference The Secret Technique Microshade Eyebrow, Congreso Internacional Spa Médico Micropigmentacion, Monterrey, Mexico

▪️Master Speaker, Hairstroke Technique, VIP Judge, Masterclass Thailand DanSiam 2020

▪️Judge, Thailand Eyebrows & Lash Championships 2020 Online

▪️VIP Judge, New Gen PMU Championship 2020, Bangkok

▪️VIP Judge, Online International Competition 2021, TLC, England

▪️VIP Judge, TBB Thailand Best Beautician Icon Awards 2021, Bangkok Thailand

▪️VIP Judge, IBA International Beauty Award Bangkok Contest 2021, Bangkok

▪️Master Speaker, Hairstroke Technique, Southern Beauty Contest, Championship yo Regional PMU & Makeup Contest 2021

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